How to get Fifa Ultimate Team Coins

The history of Fifa Ultimate Team

Did you know that all that we can see around us are sports. I am sure that you saw a man running at the street because he need to take the bus and He was late. I know too that you saw people who was speaking about the should loss weight. There are many things in life that can drive you to practice some kind of sport like tennis, basketball… but you will be agree if I say that football is the most important unless the most common nowadays. Mothers, fathers and kids play and enjoy It. From Japan to Europe is the favorite sport for people.

Of course and as you could know due to the success of football many enterprises has born and the product related to football or soccer like Uk citizen prefer to say has grown in an incredible way. Adidas, nike and thousand brands that bid to take a part in this high profitable niche, the launched products such football boots, t-shirts, balloons but there are more, one of the things that has been a revolution are the video games Ea Games launched Fifa and Konami launched Pro Evolution Soccer. As you can see It’s a really huge market where you can find any kind of product and more than that like enormous stadiums, fans anything you can imagine has been touch by this sport.

Nice Video about the history of Fifa:

As we said before Ea Games launch each year a new version of their game Fifa, What if Fifa? Fifa is a sport video game where you can drive your team to the glory or make It drop to the hell. You can be a player, you can be a team or If You prefer you can become in the manager of the team or be the president of a Club, I know what You are thinking “It is amazong” and Yes It is without any doubt. If You have played It You know what I am speaking about, If you don’t you should give a shoot and run to your shop to buy It.


Of course there are other options like Pro Evolution Soccer, But in my opinion Konami as a long way to reach the level that Ea Games with FIFA as impose. Indeed Fifa has many modes more than Pro Evolution soccer, last Fifa implement one mode that It is really interesting It is called Ultimate Team and It is the next step to the top of games the on-line mode where you can buy packs, spend coins buying player, coacher different items that can help you to build the best team in the game, but You shouldn’t think that build your own team is as easy, indeed It is so hard and you can’t make It in a day so be patience and don’t feel tired we have other entries where you can find information about how to build you team.

Are you ready to join the adventure? Because you should be ready enough If you need more information you could fin more information in this blog and I am pretty sure that you are going to enjoy any of the post we are going to made and add.

Win Fifa Ultimate Team Coins

If you are a player of Fifa Ultimate Team game-mode you know how difficult is to win some extra coins. There is many people who have so many coins, We are speaking about millions of coins but They ussually don’t speak about how they got their coins. I am going to try to explain some of this secrets that some players keep for themselves. I am sure that you know how extensive is this so we will just take a look around to help you. So What are we waiting for? Let’s start.

There are severals tips to win fifa coins from the most commun way, just buying some player and then selling to buy fifa coins and some others no-ethical ways. We will write about It don’t worry.


First Method - Fixing the market prices.

You just have to look for bargains in the auction market, then look for the price of each item. You will have to take a general look in order to know the average price for your target item. When you know the price just start to buy It and them sell It. It’s a so simple way to win some coins, of course you couldn’t do millions of coins with this strategy so don’t expect to be a game-millionaire or nothing like that. With this method you could start making some easy coins. So go and start triying It. Then came back and take a look for the second method.

Second Method - Build your monopoly

This trick It isn’t as easy as you think, unless if you know more or less what a monopoly mean in this market. All start looking just for one, and only one item you should choose It and It should fit some properties:

Your item should have a good audience. I mean this Item should be something that everyone wants to have. It doesn’t matter if you want to choose player, or stadium or whatever but keep in mind that you will have to buy so many card of this item so don’t choose the most expensive item and please don’t choose items that no body wants.

When you had targeted your item you should buy for a good price as many card as you can, the point is that you should be the person who choose the price for that specific item. I know what you think: But I will have to buy a lot of It. Yes and no, depending on the item you selected that’s because is so important to choose the correct Item. I highly recommend to put in practise this method with as many friends as you can in order to make a real monopoly around your item.

Then you just have to rise the price of your item and put to sell. What did we do?. Easy to explain We changed the price for that item, no one could find It for a better price so you are gold. You will be winning coins so fast. I repeat if you make It with friends It will be so easy, if you think you don’t have enough friend to do It you can create groups in forums and select a player together in order to break the market.

We will be speaking about more methods if you want to know more click here